My Minds Design

Jason Ballard was born in Warsaw NY 1978. He was raised by his Mother with his brother and two sisters. The family moved to Bellows Falls, VT in 1988. 

Jason had discovered Art at an early age, in the form of drawing. Using colored pencil, Ink and Charcoal. He also enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together.

In school, he focused on Gym, Art, Girls and anything that had to do with building. In 1995 he dropped out of High school, got his G.E.D. and went to work as a mason tender. Exposed to the Art in stone, he started some small side projects building patios, walkways and walls. During this time he also worked on a Dairy Farm, evenings.

With a desire to learn more he went to work for LoveJoy Tool Company in Springfield VT. He would work there for 8 years. Starting as a Janitor 3rd shift for the first year and a half. The Grinding dept. is where he would spend the next 6 1/2 years working second shift, as a tool grinder.

During his time at LoveJoy, Jason took up an interest in woodworking. Building with green (wet) wood. He would create and build rustic designs that appealed to him. Liking what he was able to do with a material that was so readily available and free, he progressed in his self education with woodturning.

Turning was a great way to design on the fly. Making forms with an Interesting form and function. This was rooted into his work from the beginning.

At this time, Jason met a woodworker, David Heinz, who had just moved from Chicago Illinois and was renting a  studio space from LoveJoy.

(David has been and is a great mentor and friend. I would not be where I am today without his encouragement. Thank you for introducing me to the world of Art in Wood. He has encouraged me to learn about all of the great artists of the past  and present.)

Wanting to expand his abilities and knowledge, Jason took a week long, wood carving class in 2004, with local woodcarver, Thomas Golding. 

Selling his 1971 Plymouth Satellite, he had spent the last 3 years restoring to pay for the class. It was a turning point in his early carrier as a woodworker. "Sometimes you just have to quit one thing for another." Money well invested.

In 2006 He had an opportunity to work for a local Furniture company, Clear Lake Furniture. Building each pieces start to finish was a great learning experience.

In 2008 My Minds Design became a business. Jason and started working out of The Old Fire Station, Main St. Grafton VT. He also would work 24hrs a week for Russell &Co. Pipe Organ Builders as a Cabinet Maker.

2010 My Minds Design Received a commission from The Whindham Foundation for 8 Beds. The business has been growing ever since. Thank you All.


    Jason Ballard