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Custom functional art by sculptor, Jason Ballard

My Minds Design by Jason Ballard.

Jason Ballard, born in Warsaw NY, 1978 grew up like many, when both sides of your family is either adopted or orphaned it is hard to understand who you are in a broken home. Moving regularly, Jason had a rough and unstable childhood, he began acting out, getting into trouble with the police at the age of 8.

In 1987 his family moved to Vt from Illinois. This change was a great start to helping him and his family, change is never easy. He started teaching himself mechanics at the age of 9, working with some tools he found in the basement, he began taking things apart and put them back together. He started with bikes and remote control cars while later he would move on to trucks and motorcycles in his teens. During his early years he would also enjoy and create art and music. 

School wasn't easy and Jason stopped trying by the 8th grade. he dropped out of school and received his GED. At the age of 18 Jason had a son in a failed relationship, he moved out of the home and in the next 2 years, Jason would work in a Stone quarry, as a stone mason's tender, in cutting and drilling concrete with some time working on a Dairy farm.

Construction is seasonal work, with $110 a week in unemployment and not being able to get a job, he had became seriously depressed, tried to take his life and failed. Continuing to spiral down he decided to break the law. After turning himself in to the authorities and accepting his punishment and apologizing for his crime he began to try to change his life, to strive to live. 

With the help from a friend of the family, Walter. Jason was given a Yurts ( 2 yurt combined, no electricity, insulation or running water) to live in until he could get his feet on the ground. He started working as a janitor for a machine tool company. What an amazing experience to be able to pay your bills and have some time off to breath without the clutter of town life and TV. During this time he met Sarah the daughter of Walter, who he married in 2001.

8 years of working in a machine shop nights, while weightlifting and woodworking days was enough time to dream and prove to himself, he could do it. He wanted a way to make a living making functional art for people.  In 2006 Jason went to work for ClearLake Furniture, building most of the pieces the company made in 2 years. 2008 the company needed to let someone go. Jason decided it was time to start his own business, little did he know how hard it would be.

Starting the business in a rural area of  Vt  was an amazing challenge that continues to test Jason to this day. Taking any job that walks thru the door is how he gets his work, as this website has only given him 1 job since he opened it in 2008. By helping his client into something made or fixed  specifically for them, Jason has been able to grow with his business,  "its an amazing experience that keeps me learning".  Working with clients across the country, Jason has personally delivered his work as far as Santa Rosa, Ca.

Handmade, custom functional art made just for you. Wood, metal, stone, glass etc. if you can dream it, we can build it together.

Working and living in Grafton, VT is a beautiful and quiet experience. 

Please feel free to make an appointment or catch Jason by chance at the studio, located at the old fire house, Main St. Grafton, Vt 05146