My Minds Design by Jason Ballard, a custom woodworking experience.

​First off, I would like to welcome you to a brand new experience in the custom functional art world! Spend a few moments  with Master Craftsman and Artist in wood,  Jason Ballard and you will see why. 

Jason began  training  himself in 1999, making his first exploration with wood into the  Rustic Interior world. This is where he learned much about the basic fundamentals of wood movement. How grain structures react as they lose moisture content during the drying process as well as the seasonal changes in humidity.

In this voyage he was well educated on the do's and don'ts in his building techniques, material selection and what types of finish are necessary to produce the very best product possible.  Since then Jason has expanded his art of custom interior design and execution of his process to the top of the line, top shelf people, the best.  

Most of us want to be able to have something well made that is reliable and practical for everyday fit and function. We are constantly defining ourselves by what we wear, what kind of car we drive our homes, everything. This is very important to some more than others and I think this has nothing to do with our upbringing or current financial status. For myself its always been about having the best. If I couldn't afford it when I wanted it, I had to wait for that specific thing, whatever it was.

There is absolutely something special in waiting however long for something that is made specifically for you, by hand, by a single person not a factory.

A factory is about mass consumption, the focus is on the dollar, speed, large quantities that stress our environment as well as the backs of those who produce the product for their employer at a fraction of what their time and effort is actually worth. I am more interested in working with an Individual, couple, firm, anyone who shares the vision of investing in the quality of life, not the quantity of life.

Is it time to make your dream a reality? Contact Jason with you ideas today!

Studio location is 217 Main St. Grafton, VT 05146

Mailing address is P.O. Box 25 Grafton, VT 05146

Studio 802-843-1000 

 Cell  802-289-5123



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Custom functional art by sculptor, Jason Ballard